The Lifetime Cost of Autism Tops $2 Million per Person


U.S. and U.K. scientists have completed the most comprehensive analysis of the costs associated with supporting a child with an autism-spectrum disorder (ASD) over a lifetime and found that those whose ASD is linked with intellectual disability can accrue up to $2.4 million while those without intellectual disability require about $1.4 million in medical, nonmedical and indirect costs. And that’s on top of the average $241,000 that it takes to raise a child to age 18 in the U.S.

(MORE:Using Movement to Diagnose and Treat Autism)

About 79% of that cost is due to services such as medical care, home health care, special education and after-school care — and 9% is due to wages that caregivers give up to tend to an autistic family member. The latter came as a surprise, says the paper’s senior author, David Mandell, director of the Center for Mental Health Policy and…

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as a drop fall’s

as a drop fall’s

we seldom realize the
that will follow…

we should

on them
realize them
modify them
create them

one drop
many ripples

lets make
and watch
the ripples
change the world

m e t


Copyright April 5 2012 by M Emmett Townsend

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More to come…

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